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Options for Parents During A Lesson


First and foremost, parents of children taking lessons are invited and encouraged to stay for the lesson.  Comfortable seating is provided.  We find that parents who are involved are able to reinforce lessons learned in the studio at home, which usually makes for a faster, easier learning experience for the child. 


That said, we realize that once you’re comfortable with the studio and your child’s progress, it can get awfully boring.  And, if your youngster has hit pre-teen or teenage years, they might not want you around!  It’s easy to get self-conscious when learning and practicing a piece.   Luckily, there are oodles of options for you to spend your time during your child’s lesson. 


Directly next door, there is Simply Sweet On Main, a pastry, sandwich and coffee shop which features complimentary WiFi.  If you’re in the mood for something more substantial, we recommend Okra’s Louisiana Bistro a block away, or City Tavern Grille across the street.  If you’re in the mood for some shopping – and who isn’t?! – The Whimsical Galerie, Manassas Clay and Dublin of Old Town are a block or less away.  Finally, if the work day has gotten you down and you need liquid refreshment during your child’s lesson (or after your own!), the Philadelphia Tavern is also right down the street.


A full listing of things to do in Old Town Manassas during your child’s lesson or before and after your own is available at the Visit Manassas website .  You won’t get bored.

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