Christopher E. Sexton



8043 Lantern Court                                                                (703) 975-5075

Manassas, VA  20109                                                   





Employment History (Performance)


            Nothin’ Fancy Bluegrass Band, LLC                                 1999 – present


After recording two albums with the band in 1998 and 1999, was hired as a full-time fiddle player for a nationally-acclaimed bluegrass ensemble, which is the three-time winner of the Society of the Preservation of Bluegrass Music in America (SPBGMA) Entertainers of the Year Award from 2008 to the present. Duties are performing with a band with 8 full-length albums, a tour schedule of a 120-date appearance schedule average per year in an area that includes 35 states, Canada, islands of the Caribbean, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Norway.


Violino Ristorante Italiano                                                   1996 – present


Played live music as a strolling violinist to patrons of an Italian restaurant located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.  Was allowed to play classical, jazz, and bluegrass, and had a memorized repertoire of at least 3.5 hours of music, along with the improvisations stylistically called for in jazz and bluegrass.


Loudoun Symphony                                                             1998 – 2000


Held position of assistant principal viola.  Was principal violist for the string workshop program sponsored by the LS, which allowed for members of the community to rehearse and perform alongside professional musicians in the symphony.  Held position for three years, with a minimum of four concerts per season, along with principal-chair recitals and pops concerts in June before the seasons’ end.


East Coast Bluegrass Band                                                  1997 – 2000


Hired as fiddle player after completion of undergraduate degree in violin performance.  Performed mostly in the central VA region for private functions and occasional public appearances at local venues.




                        Shenandoah Summer Music Theater                                  1994 & 1997


Violinist/violist with a professional music theater company pit orchestra, which performs under the auspices of Shenandoah University’s Conservatory of Music.

Seasons start in June and end in early August.


Voluntary Appearances                                                       Varies


Association, rehearsal, and performance with artists of varying genres and styles other than the primary musical employer/partners onstage.  Appearances are noted either as an instrumentalist, vocalist, or a combination.


Employment History (Education)


                        Common Ground on the Hill                                               Summer 2008


Taught two courses in fiddle – beginning and intermediate/advanced – for a arts/crafts camp that met for two weeks.  The final day featured a master class by fiddle master Bobby Hicks, where the techniques of Mr. Hicks’ playing were team-taught by both Hicks and the primary instructor.


            Foxes Music                                                                           2002 – present


Private teacher in violin, bluegrass fiddle, viola, and beginning/intermediate cello.  Lessons are taught one day out of the week with an average of 7 students.  Students are ages 5 and up.


            Picker’s Supply                                                                     2002 – present


Private teacher in violin, bluegrass fiddle, viola, beginning/intermediate cello, beginning/intermediate piano, and voice coaching.  Lessons are taught one day out the week with an average of 7 students.  Students are ages 5 and up.


American Children of SCORE                                            1998 – 2003


Children’s ensemble of grades 3 through 8 led by three co-directors; served as the string director.  The students were chosen by audition to be in the ensemble, and were expected to sing in a chorus, play recorders and Orff instruments, and the students who played string instruments were under the direction of the string director.  String students were taught their music by ear and required to memorize their music.


            Prince William County Schools                                           2000 – 2002


Held position of orchestra/general music teacher for grades 6 through 8 at Parkside Middle School in Manassas, VA.  Students of general music were taught music appreciation of classical, blues, jazz, rock, country and popular genres, along with basic music theory.  Orchestral students were taught how to rehearse in an ensemble, and were shown fundamental stringed-instrument techniques and were expected to practice them as they applied to their music.  At the time of employment, a provisional license to teach instrumental was held between 2000 and 2003.


Fairfax County Public Schools                                            1999 – 2000


Was a substitute teacher for Area I high schools and middle schools in Fairfax County, which covered Springfield, Burke, and the Alexandria suburbs located in the Fairfax County jurisdiction.  Was requested mostly for music teacher substitutions, and from September through November of 1999, served as a long-term substitute orchestra director for Haywood Secondary School.


                        SCORE Music School

Private teacher in violin, bluegrass fiddle, viola; worked in conjunction with the American Children of SCORE.  Lessons taught three days out of the week.  Students aged 8 and up.




Shenandoah University                                                           2008-2010

                        M.M., Instrumental Pedagogy (Violin)


                        Shenandoah University                                                           1993-1997

                        B.M., Instrumental Performance (Violin)                  




Solo Repertoire (Violin):


            Violin Concerto in a minor                                                     Accolay, J.

            Violin Concerto in a minor                                                     Bach, J. S.

            Violin Concerto in E Major                                                    Bach, J. S.

            Unaccompanied Partita in b minor                                         Bach, J. S.

            Unaccompanied Partita in d minor                                         Bach, J. S.

            Unaccompanied Partita in E Major                                         Bach, J. S.

            Rumanian Folk Dances                                                           Bartok, B.

            Romance in G Major                                                               Beethoven, L.

            Romance in F Major                                                               Beethoven, L.

            Sonata No. 5 in F “Spring”                                                     Beethoven, L.

            Sonata No. 8 in G Major                                                         Beethoven, L.

            Concerto in e minor                                                                Conus, J.

            La Folia                                                                                   Corelli/Kreisler

            Meditation from “Thais”                                                         Massenet, J.

            Violin Concerto in e minor                                                     Mendelssohn, F.

            Concerto No. 3 in G Major                                                     Mozart, W. A.

            Concerto No. 4 in D Major                                                     Mozart, W. A.

            Sonata No. 6 in F Major                                                         Mozart, W. A.

            Moto Perpetuo                                                                                    Paganini, N.

            Violin Concerto in b minor                                                     Saint-Saens, C.

            Introduction and Tarantelle                                                    Sarasate, P.

            Violin Concerto in D Major                                                    Tchaikovsky, P.                       The Four Seasons (Op. 8, No. 1-4)                                             Vivaldi, A.     


            Chamber/Ensemble Repertoire:


                        Brandenburg Concerto No. 3                                                 Bach, J. S.

                        Cantata No. 4 “Christ lag in Todesbanden”                           Bach, J. S.

                        String Quartet No. 1 in F Major                                             Beethoven, L.

                        Symphony No. 1 in C Major                                                   Beethoven, L.

                        Symphonie fantastique                                                           Berlioz, H.

                        In the Steppes of Central Asia                                                Borodin, A.

                        Polovetsian Dances                                                                 Borodin, A.

                        Academic Festival Overture                                                   Brahms, J.

                        Symphony No. 2 in D Major                                                  Brahms, J.

                        Variations on a Theme by Haydn                                           Brahms, J.

                        Serenade for Strings                                                               Dvorak, A.

                        Symphony No. 8 in G Major                                                  Dvorak, A.

                        Symphony No. 9 in e minor “New World”                            Dvorak, A.

                        “Enigma” Variations                                                               Elgar, E.

Serenade for Strings                                                               Elgar, E.

                        Symphony in d minor                                                             Franck, C.

                        American in Paris                                                                    Gershwin, G.

                        Rhapsody in Blue                                                                   Gershwin, G.

                        Peer Gynt Suite No. 1                                                             Grieg, E.

The Messiah                                                                            Handel, G. F.

Semele                                                                                     Handel, G. F.

Solomon                                                                                  Handel, G. F.

Symphony No. 2 “Romantic”                                                 Hanson, H.     

                        Symphony No. 88 in G Major                                                Haydn, F.

                        Symphony No. 95 in c minor                                                  Haydn, F.

                        Amahl and the Night Visitors                                                  Menotti, G.

                        The Medium                                                                            Menotti, G.

                        Vespers                                                                                   Monteverdi, C.

                        Piano Quartet in g minor                                                         Mozart, W. A.

                        String Quartet in G Major                                                       Mozart, W. A.

                        Sheherezade                                                                            Rimsky-Korsakov, N.

                        String Quartet No. 13 in a minor                                            Schubert, F.

                        Symphony No. 8 in b minor                                                    Schubert, F.

                        String Quintet                                                                         Schumann, R.

                        Symphony No. 4 in d minor                                                   Schumann, R.

                        String Quartet No. 8                                                               Shostakovich, D.

                        Symphony No. 5 in d minor                                                   Shostakovich, D.

                        Symphony No. 9 in E-flat Major                                            Shostakovich, D.

                        Symphony No. 2 in D Major                                                  Sibelius, J.

                        Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche                                           Strauss, R.

                        Cappricio italien                                                                      Tchaikovsky, P.

                        Marche Slav                                                                            Tchaikovsky, P.

                        Symphony No. 4 in f minor                                                    Tchaikovsky, P.

                        Gloria                                                                                      Vivaldi, A.

                        Overture to Lohengrin                                                                        Wagner, R.

                        String Serenade No. 2 in a minor                                            Weinar, L.




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Nothin’ Fancy.  Earn Your Ticket.  Independent Label, 1999.  Charlottesville, VA:  Virginia Arts Recording.  Produced by Nothin’ Fancy.


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Nothin’ Fancy.  Now and Then.  Independent Label, 2001.  Salem, VA:  Flat 5 Press and Recording.  Produced by Mitchell Davis and Tom Ohmsen


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Nothin’ Fancy.  The Other Side of Nothin’ Fancy.  Pinecastle Records, 2002.  Moneta, VA:  Lakeside Recording Studio.  Produced by Mitchell Davis.


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Nothin’ Fancy.  Lord Bless This House.  Pinecastle Records, 2009.  Nashville, TN:  Adventure Studios.  Produced by Rhonda and Darrin Vincent.


Third Stream Giants.  Cool Human.  Independent Label, 2009.  Fredericksburg, VA:  Third Stream Music.  Produced by Matt Montoro.


Sebastian.  Cruel Intentions.  (projected release in 2011)  Virginia Beach, VA:  Thomas Crown Studio.  Produced by Wizz-Dom and Sebastian.


TV/Film Recording Credits


Eddie Mensor, director.  The Deposition, 2010 (post-production at present).

Film IMDb URL:

Personal IMDb URL:


Public Broadcasting Stations.  Down From the Mountain, 2009.  Recorded live at the Lincoln Theater; Marion, VA.


Public Broadcasting Stations.  Ragin’ Live, 2005.  Recorded live with Rhonda Vincent and the Rage at the Sheldon Concert Hall; St. Louis, MO.


The Discovery Channel.  Shark Week, 2002.


          The National Geographic Channel.  Iran, 2001.


            The Discovery Channel.  Understanding Fire, 2001.




Artist Onstage Associations/Appearances


            Agents of Good Roots

            American Children of SCORE

            Andrew Winn

            Apollo Civic Theater Pit Orchestra

            Bob Paisley

            Bobby Hicks                          

            Bluegrass Brothers

            Carolina Road

            Charlie Moore

            Charlie Waller


            Country Gentlemen

            Danny Paisley

            David Parmley

            East Coast Bluegrass Band

            Expedition Show

            Fitzmaurice Band

            Gary Ferguson

            Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington

            Gene Watson

            John Starling

            Kenny Baker

            Kevin Mac

Krüger Brothers

Larry Stephenson Band

Marty Raybon

Maryland Symphony Orchestra

McPeake Brothers

Michelle Nixon and Drive

Mike Auldridge

Missy Raines

Nash Street

Nothin’ Fancy

Orrin Starr

Pan-American Symphony Orchestra

Randy Waller

Ray Legère

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage

Roanoke Symphony Orchestra

Ryan Holliday

            Seldom Scene

            Third Stream Giants

            IIIrd Tyme Out

Tom Gray

            Wil Gravatt Band


Appearances with Nothin’ Fancy (* = clinician; ** = multiple appearances)


                        All-American Bluegrass Festival                                            Orange, VA

American Music Theater                                                         Lancaster, PA

                        Arcadia Bluegrass Festival                                                     Arcadia, MD

                        Basin Bluegrass Festival                                                         Brandon, VT

Bass Mountain Bluegrass Festival                                          Snow Camp, NC

                        Berryville Bluegrass Series                                                     Berryville, VA

Bill Monroe Bluegrass Music Festival                                    Bean Blossom, IN

Birchmere                                                                                Alexandria, VA

Blackwater Bluegrass Festival                                                Jasper, AL

Bluegrass on the River **                                                       Lk. Havasu City, AZ

Bluegrassin’ in the Foothills                                                   Plymouth, CA

Brown Island Park                                                                  Richmond, VA

Buchanan Theatre                                                                   Buchanan, VA

Cabin Fever Bluegrass Festival **                                          Hampton, VA

Central VA Bluegrass Festival                                               Amelia, VA

Country Bluegrass Festival **                                                North Platte, NE

Country-Treff                                                                         Breim, Norway

Court Square Theater                                                              Harrisonburg, VA       Chautauqua Festival                                                                        Wytheville, VA                       Davis Valley Winery                                                               Groseclose, VA

De Eerste Aánleg Bistro                                                         Nieuwkoop, Holland

Dixieland Music Park                                                             Waldo, FL

Dollywood                                                                              Pigeon Forge, TN

Dumplin Valley Bluegrass Festival                                         Kodak, TN

Eastern Mennonite College                                                     Harrisonburg, VA

ETA Bluegrass Cruise **                                                        Various

Festival in the Pines                                                                Rocky Mount, VA

Festival of the Bluegrass                                                         Lexington, KY

First Night Harrisonburg                                                         Harrisonburg, VA      

Franklin Bluegrass Festival                                                     Franklin, KY

Free State Bluegrass Festival                                                  Canton, TX

Galax Fiddler’s Convention                                                   Galax, VA

Gettysburg Bluegrass Festival **                                           Gettysburg, PA

Gibson Showcase Theater                                                       Nashville, TN

Glen Allen Performing Arts Center                                        Glen Allen, VA

Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival                                      Syria, VA

Greater Downstate Bluegrass Festival                                    Springfield, IL

Grottoes Bluegrass Festival                                                    Grottoes, VA

Harris Pavilion                                                                        Manassas, VA

High Country Bluegrass Festival                                            Boone, NC

Hoofer’s Gospel Barn *                                                          LaGrange, GA

James Madison University                                                      Harrisonburg, VA

Jammin’ Java                                                                           Vienna, VA

Kentucky Lake Bluegrass Festival                                         Aurora, KY

Lee District Park                                                                     Alexandria, VA

Lil’ Margaret’s Bluegrass Festival                                          Leonardtown, MD

Lincoln Center                                                                        New York, NY

Lincoln Theater                                                                       Marion, VA

Lucketts Bluegrass Series                                                       Lucketts, VA

MA Bluegrass Jamboree                                                         East Wareham, MA

Maury River Fiddler’s Convention                                         Buena Vista, VA

Mickey’s Mountain Bluegrass Festival                                   Hopedale, OH

Milan Bluegrass Festival                                                         Milan, MI

Mineral Bluegrass Festival                                                      Mineral, VA

Mountain Top Bluegrass Festival                                           Tarentum, PA

Mountain View Fall Festival                                                  Mountain View, AR

Mr. B’s Bluegrass Festival                                                      Ladysmith, VA

Naperville Bluegrass Festival                                     Naperville, IL

NC State Bluegrass Festival                                                   Cherokee, NC

NE Bluegrass Festival                                                             Lincoln, NE

New Year’s Bluegrass Festival                                               Jekyll Island, GA

Nothin’ Fancy Festival *                                                        Buena Vista, VA

Nova Scotia Bluegrass Festival                                              Stewiacke, NS

Oakland Community College                                                 Royal Oak, MI

OATS Bluegrass Festival                                                        Benton, PA

Ocean Lakes Bluegrass Festival                                             Myrtle Beach, SC

Ohio Valley Bluegrass Series                                                  Mt. Orab, OH

Ossippee Valley Festival **                                                    Cornish, ME

Ottawa Valley Bluegrass Festival **                                      Renfrew, ON

Palatka Bluegrass Festival                                                      Palatka, FL

Paramount Theater                                                                  Bristol, VA

Pickin’ in the Pasture                                                              Lodi, NY

Pemi Valley Bluegrass Festival                                               Campton, NH

Penny Royal Opry House                                                       Fairview, OH

Podunk Bluegrass Festival                                                      Hartford, CT

Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival                                       Morehead, KY

PreddyFest                                                                              Franklinton, NC

Randy Woods Guitar Shop                                                    Bloomingdale, GA

Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival                                           Renfro Valley, KY

Rhonda Vincent Bluegrass Cruise **                                     Various

Robeson Community College                                                 Lumberton, NC

Riverhawk Bluegrass Festival                                                 Brooksville, FL

Rockahock Bluegrass Festival                                                Lanexa, VA

Rogersville Homecoming Festival                                          Rogersville, NB

Ryman Auditorium                                                                 Nashville, TN

Sally Creek Music Festival **                                                Woodstock, ON

Sally Mountain Music Park                                                     Queen City, MO

SC State Bluegrass Festival                                                    Myrtle Beach, SC

Shenandoah University                                                          Winchester, VA

Silver Dollar City                                                                    Branson, MO

Southern OH Bluegrass Festival                                             Wilmington, OH

SPBGMA Awards Show                                                       Nashville, TN

SPBGMA Midwest Bluegrass Awards *                               Jefferson City, MO

Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park                                        Live Oak, FL

Starvy Creek Bluegrass Festival                                             Conway, MO

State Theater                                                                           Falls Church, VA

Station Inn                                                                              Nashville, TN

Summersville Bluegrass Festival                                             Summersville, WV

Sweet Briar College                                                                Amherst, VA

Thomasville Cultural Arts Center                                           Thomasville, GA

Tri-State Bluegrass Festival                                                    Kendallville, IN

Turkey Track Bluegrass Festival                                             Waldron, AR

Two Rivers Bluegrass Series                                                   Two Rivers, WI

Waynesboro Extravaganza                                                     Waynesboro, VA

Wayside Bluegrass Festival                                                    Stuart, VA

White Sands Festival                                                              Chumuckla, FL

Wind Gap Bluegrass Festival                                                 Wind Gap, PA

Yeehaw Junction Bluegrass Festival **                                 Yeehaw Junction, FL

Yellow Barn                                                                            Mt. Jackson, VA

Appearances with East Coast Bluegrass Band


                        First Night Charlottesville                                                      Charlottesville, VA

                        Fridays After Five                                                                  Charlottesville, VA

                        Galax Fiddler’s Convention                                                   Galax, VA

                        Michael’s Bistro                                                                      Charlottesville, VA

                        Waynesboro Extravaganza                                                     Waynesboro, VA


Guest Artist Appearances Locations


            17th Street Pavilion                                                                  Virginia Beach, VA

Alley Katz                                                                               Richmond, VA

            Apollo Civic Theater                                                               Martinsburg, WV

            Birchmere                                                                                Alexandria, VA

            Fredericksburg Expo Center                                                   Fredericksburg, VA

            Grand Ole Opry                                                                      Nashville, TN

            Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival                                                   Ancramdale, NY

            George Mason University                                                       Fairfax, VA                             Jammin’ Java                                                                             Vienna, VA

            Kennedy Center                                                                      Washington, DC

            Kentucky Convention Center                                                 Louisville, KY

            Lisner Auditorium                                                                  Washington, DC

            Sheldon Concert Hall                                                             St. Louis, MO

            Torpedo Factory                                                                     Alexandria, VA

            Trinity College                                                                        Washington, DC






Nothin’ Fancy


“Nothin’ Fancy Day” declared by Buena Vista mayor          2010

Winner, SPBGMA Entertainers of the Year                         2008 – 2010

                        Nominee, SPBGMA Fiddle Player of the Year                     2007 – 2010

                        Named “Honorary Mountaineer” by the WV Governor        2007

                        Nominee, IBMA Emerging Artists of the Year                     2003 – 2004

                        Winner, Maury Rive Convention Band Contest                    1998

                        Placement, Galax Convention Band Contest                                     1997 – 1998, 2000


East Coast Bluegrass Band


            Galax Convention Band Contest                                            1998 – 1999



            Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia                                                         1995 – present


The world’s oldest and largest music fraternity, founded in 1898.  Was initiated into Phi Mu Alpha by the Nu Psi chapter (Shenandoah University’s chapter) at James Madison University.  Officer positions held in Phi Mu Alpha:


Province 27 Alumni Coordinator                                            2009 – present

Nu Psi Chapter Alumni Relations Officer                              2007 – 2009


                        DC Bluegrass Union                                                             2002 – 2007


Membership consists of bluegrass musicians and supporters in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  Was often active as an artist performing for union fundraisers.